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On July 22, 2009 a one-shot comic was released titled Dethklok vs. The Goon . Both Eric Powell and Brendon Small co-wrote the comic.

The pre-millennial and pre-tribulation views are the most widely held in Bible prophecy.  These views are the most literal approach to prophecy, and are sometimes called the futurist view , which claims there will be a literal future 7-year tribulation period followed by a 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ on earth.  As well, the rapture of the Church will precede the tribulation period, and is a separate event from the Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the end of the tribulation period.  Additionally, the Church and Israel have distinct and unique roles in the end-times, and the events described in the book of Revelation are still to come.  These positions are often attacked by liberal denominations and the cults, while a majority of conservative denominations accept these views of the end-times. The post-tribulation view blends the rapture and the Second Coming into a single event at the end of the tribulation period.  Many who hold to this theological concept often adhere to the historicist view which contends that Bible prophecy spans the time from the end of the first century . through the Second Coming of Christ (yet future).   In a nutshell, historicists believe that the events of Revelation are a symbolic outline of Church history, taking place over a 2000 year period of time, ending at the Second Coming.  Followers of this theology generally tend toward a more liberal and/or allegorical view of prophecy, though some combine both literal and allegorical viewpoints.  For example, a majority of self-proclaimed prophets hold to a post-tribulation rapture view, as do leaders of most pseudo-Christian cults.  Many liberal denominations also accept this view.  The preterist view takes the historicist position further.  Preterism contends that most, if not all major prophetic events have already been fulfilled in history.  The term preterist means "already fulfilled."  This view discredits the biblical importance of Israel and those Christians who stand with Israel.  This is best described as an ecumenical view, which also contends that the book of Revelation was mostly fulfilled in events leading up to and including the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 .  This position is held by many in Covenant, Reformed and Catholic theologies.  They would be most critical of this website, as they do not usually accept a literal earthly fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  This view is closely tied to dominionism (the idea that society should be governed by the law of God).  There are other variations to this theology, such as the "partial preterist" which hold the same beliefs as other preterists, except for last couple of chapters in the book of Revelation, which they suggest are yet to be fulfilled.

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